Our Mission


Our mission is to live out the Pentecost experience, which brings together devout people from every nation under heaven, to be a multi-cultural church. We believe that through Jesus Christ, God has poured out the Holy Spirit upon all people, and calls our church to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ with passion and partnership in a changing city and world.

In our recently embarked upon journey of "New Beginnings", we declared that we are ready to risk our heritage and our survival in order to discern the direction which God would lead us. We are ready to be surprised, challenged, or inspired to follow new ways, and to consider any change, opportunity, or cost, for the sake of our effort to follow in the way of Jesus Christ. We are ready to stretch our imaginations, listen to new ideas, consider the impossible, taste the unfamiliar, converse with strangers, and experiment with whatever works, so that God can help us grow and change. We are ready to go to extremes of dialogue and diplomacy and offer the maximum generosity to our partners in mission. We are prepared to laugh at ourselves, and laugh with each other, to sing, to dance, and to perform. We are ready to try, fail, learn, and try again.

Our vision is to embrace the individuality and personal spiritual journeys of all who seek to be transformed by the love of God shown to us in Jesus Christ. We will seek to do this by nurturing life that is initiated with baptism, fed by the sacrament of Holy Communion, and challenged to develop empathy, sympathy, and compassion for all.

Our vision is to celebrate with joyful, Spirit-filled praise. God's transforming love is shown to us in the compassion of Jesus Christ, and his passion for the Kingdom of God. We seek to do this by deepening our faith and discipleship through worship, study, prayer, stewardship, service, and working with our partner Presbyterian churches in the Hudson River Presbytery, our partner churches sharing our sacred spaces, and our partner organizations sharing our building.

Our vision is to reach out to neighbors near and far, inviting all to join our diverse, inclusive family of faith, transcending all boundaries of race, class, culture, gender, and sexual identity to become a family of faith in Jesus Christ which celebrates diversity and finds enhancement of faith through and during the faith experiences of other cultures. We seek to affirm our commitment to the kingdom of God by all that we do, working for justice and human needs of people in our congregation, community, city, and world.