Church History

Bryn Mawr Park Presbyterian Church is located at 20 Buckingham Road in the northwest section of Yonkers, a suburb of Westchester County, New York. Bryn Mawr Park Presbyterian Church has been a purveyor of faith and service for over a hundred years. The church was founded in 1906 by Reverend Richard Hartley. It was originally set in a rural farm setting. God said, "I shall build a house on the side of the road that will become a friend to all and protection from the storms of life."

Soon after, the church slowly evolved into a new community way of life. The area was growing and people were settling into homes, apartments, stores, and shops. The pathways became streets and the people began to search for shelter and a place to worship. The congregation was formed, lead by elders and trustees. An ordained minister was selected to serve as a spiritual leader. God intervened and a skeleton church was formed, along with a faith community. Through a succession of fine pastors, Bryn Mawr Park Presbyterian Church began to develop a fine body of constituents and with their help they acquired land and eventually built up the church. A nearby house, known as the Manse, served as a pastoral dwelling place. A body of ruling elders, called the Session, served as the spiritual head of the congregation, providing worship, Christian education, property and financial considerations. Several organizations began to develop within the church. The choir provided the "voices of Bryn Mawr" and is still a basis of our worship experience. Boy scouting has been a community mission of the church as our Troop #5 is the oldest continuously chartered unit in the area. Since 1912, the troop has continued to provide training and skills and Scout crafts, taking seriously their motto of "Be prepared".

Bryn Mawr Park Presbyterian Church took a venture into child care, which has become a viable service to the community and surrounding areas. Through years of planning, the church now has a licensed daycare program which allows us to use the parish house as an educational resource to preschoolers. The parish house also holds offices for church personnel and equipment.

The Good Shepherd window stands above the altar and has long been an inspirational focal point for pastors, laity, and visitors alike. It is a backlit view of Jesus Christ carrying a lost sheep in his arms and stands for the value that God has for all creatures great and small. Bryn Mawr Park Presbyterian Church continues to look forward to a new century of service, nourished by the seeds planted many years ago in this community.