Attention Friends

Out of an abundance of caution and an effort to protect our members, friends, and our surrounding community, the weekly Sunday morning services at Bryn Mawr Park Presbyterian Church are being cancelled until further notice.

Be well, stay safe, and God protect us all.

Easter Sunday at Home

For those who wish to participate in Easter Sunday worship, listed below are a few links to Easter Sunday services that are live-streamed or recorded and posted on various platforms:

Yorktown Presbyterian Church               Service starts at 10:45 am



Mahopac Presbyterian Church               Service starts at 10:00 am




South Salem Presbyterian Church           Service starts at 10:00 am


Next Com:


Bedford Presbyterian Church                   Service starts at 10:00 am                 


Hitchcock Presbyterian Church, Scarsdale          Service starts at 10:30 am

When you get to the web-site, it gives you directions on how to view the service.

Reformed Church, Bronxville                    Service starts at 10:30 am


Presbytery of Hudson River                       Service starts at 10 am



Google Drive - available for download - (Caution, the files are large.)


Who Are We?

We are Bryn Mawr Park Presbyterian Church, located in Yonkers, NY, a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere to share in worship of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We are a diverse group that enjoys the uniqueness of the individual while coming together to celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.

We are a faith-based community dedicated to living lives where God's spirit and presence are the cornerstones of our mission. The diversity of our congregation has strengthened us as a faith community. Each member brings a unique and special perspective to our shared interactions and missions. Everyone here is respected and loved as Jesus taught us. We are committed to exploring the needs of our church family and the surrounding community.

We are an extraordinary group of ordinary people just like you. We have made a conscious decision to embark on a shared journey that supports our spiritual growth both individually and as a member of our faith family. We aspire to receive God's love and grace with abundance and humility and then to share these gifts with one another and our neighbors.